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Roald Dahl

Treasure Islands. Roald Dahl talks to Julia Eccleshare about the importance of reading, childrens' love of laughter and attraction to rudeness his views on the conditioning of children and their… Read more

Roald Dahl | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Julia Eccleshare Login to rate

15 April 1988

Mel Brooks

An Arena Special from 1981 with Alan Yentob trying to interview Mel Brooks about his life and work. American filmmaker, actor and comedian. Mel Brook's films are best known for… Read more

Mel Brooks | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Sue MacGregor Login to rate

7 December 1988

Richard Rogers

The Creating Eye. Richard Rogers talks to Caroline Julius about the role of the architect, pushing forward with new ideas, the need for constant questioning, architecture in the environment and… Read more

Richard Rogers | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Caroline Julius Login to rate

21 August 1988

Charles Schulz

PM. Charles Schulz talks to R. Morris about the origins of Snoopy, the world of Peanuts and Charlie Brown and his collaboration with Billie Jean King on a tennis book. Read more

Charles Schulz | Source BBC Radio 4 Author R. Morris Login to rate

28 June 1977

Dalai Lama

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Both the spiritual and temporal ruler of Tibet until 1959, the Dalai Lama is also head of the Dge-lugs-pa (Yellow Hat) order of Tibetan… Read more

Dalai Lama | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Jocelyn Ryder Smith Login to rate

28 August 1982

Seamus Heaney

Turning Points. Seamus Heaney talks to Bel Mooney about his formative years and doing English at University, the influence of Irish writing. Read more

Seamus Heaney | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Bel Mooney Login to rate

15 November 1988

Vanessa Redgrave

Woman's Hour. Vanessa Redgrave talks to Jenni Murray about her agonies as a teenager, the influence of her parents, her politics, her sense of being an ever-changing person Read more

Vanessa Redgrave | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Jenni Murray Login to rate

10 March 1991

Roddy Doyle

Front Row. Roddy Doyle talks to Francine Stock about constantly changing direction in his writing, writing dialogue and the evolution of his novels, his characters being survivors and writing for… Read more

Roddy Doyle | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Francine Stock Login to rate

30 August 1999

Lord David Puttnam

Turning Points. Lord David Puttnam talks to Bel Mooney about his childhood and marrying young, the sort of films he wanted to make and his experience of Hollywood. Read more

Lord David Puttnam | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Bel Mooney Login to rate

22 November 1988

Malcolm Arnold

English composer, trumpeter and conductor Known for his melodic and accessible music, Malcolm Arnold's works include nine symphonies, 12 concertos, six sets of symphonic dances and three film scores for… Read more

Malcolm Arnold | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Bernard Palmer Login to rate

5 July 1959

Tony Benn

An edited version of the transcript of the online chat with Tony Benn. Tony Benn's extreme opinions and powerful rhetoric made him one of Parliament's most entertaining advocates. Read more

Tony Benn | Source BBC Radio 4 Login to rate

19 July 2002

Gerald Scarfe

Kaleidoscope. Gerald Scarfe talks to Paul Vaughan about his reportage drawing in SE Asia, and Northern Ireland, reducing characters to abstracts, the influence of other artists and his drawing processand… Read more

Gerald Scarfe | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Paul Vaughan Login to rate

9 September 1982

Chinua Achebe

Nigerian novelist and poet. Chinua Achebe is probably black Africa's most widely read novelist. His first work, Things Fall Apart, has been translated into 40 languages and is regarded as… Read more

Chinua Achebe | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Fiona Ledger Login to rate

27 July 1986

Helen Chadwick

Woman's Hour Helen Chadwick talks to Jenni Murray about her self portraits, images of women, works on contemporary British life and nomination for the Turner prize. Helen Chadwick's art "was… Read more

Helen Chadwick | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Jenni Murray Login to rate

11 February 1982

Bede Griffiths

Zooming to Heaven. Bede Griffiths talks to Bernard Jackson about why he went to South India and set up an ashram, being recognised as a guru, why people come to… Read more

Bede Griffiths | Source BBC Radio 4 Author Bernard Jackson Login to rate

14 November 1987

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